This is us

Quirino Valvo (known as Guerinu) , my father, company founder , entrepreneur, farmer and sculptor. It is thanks to him and to my mother Marianna, who have spent their lives together hard working, according to tradition and  believing in innovation, that this company, which is also our paradise, exists.


Me, Paolo ,I am an engineer and beyond looking after the environment and nature, I carry on my familys’ traditions, dedicating myself to the farm , the care of the land, woodworking . I do things with passion.

My wife Mila ,( bbeddha quantu u suli ) who is an anthropologist and expert of different languages ​​and cultures, is responsible for spreading local culture, our popular traditions, ancient works and Sicilian cooking art for it to become real common heritage, in addition of being a wonderful mom in love, attentive to the care and the growth of our little ones, who are the men and women of tomorrow .


Our children, of course, for which we are creating a healthy and genuine lifestyle, in close contact with nature and with real things, even though the production and consumption of “alive” food , not contaminated by modern cultivation techniques .


My sister Fiorenza, who after marriage moved to the north but keeps coming back in our beloved land, with her husband, Salvatore, especially during periods of high business activities, not only to contribute to the production cycle, but also to enjoy the tranquility and serenity of life.

And also…few meters from our olive grove, in a hole on a cliff, a colony of bees: true health indicator of the land around us.

Our is an organic farm. Our strength is the direct contact with our customers that we invite to come experience our lifestyle and participate in our production cycle.

Contact us and come to experience our lifestyle, or participate in our production cycle, we will inform you about our activities of hospitality and cooperation.


(+39) 3391572013